Activity Coordinator Role

Access All has an Activity Coordinator who works with Service Users and Families to access activities both inside and outside the home. 

The Activities Coordinator remit is entirely person centred. Our Coordinator tailor’s activities specific to individual needs and requirements.

She meets with Service Users and their families and creates activities based on people's preferences. The activities coordinator states, "A bit of creativity is sometimes wanted to make things more fun.".

The Activity Coordinator will often be present at initial assessments with resources to encourage participation and play, which often helps to relax the environment to help ascertain the individual's and family’s needs. She then spends time with staff and the clients together, to help develop relationships and encourage inclusion and independence. 

Information is provided to carers and families about events to attend locally. The Coordinator shares information to support an easy and accessible day, including transport, toilet facilities accessibility to buildings, also where the carers can go free. 

For those individuals who prefer to stay in, the Coordinator shares activity ideas with staff, Service Users and and families. These could be themed based on Religious Festivals, Mother’s Day, Father’s day etc. The Coordinator ensures that the activities are accessible, for example, we can emboss to Braille if this is required.

The Activity Coordinator meets regularly with those who receive Care Package C, and works directly with their staff teams. All families who receive a service from Access All can access activities through out monthly newsletter and social media accounts.