Comments from Families and Professionals

 "I would only ever recommend Access All Care." 

"I think they're great they are really good. They [management] even do shifts, it's fantastic."

"The directors understood our family requirements as they have family with special needs and they know what we need." 

"In my opinion the beauty and uniqueness of Access All is that managers are carers themselves and actively cover shifts in the home. My client's parents informed me that any issues can be dealt with without any delay." 


Staff feedback

"They worked with me and nurtured me and it's not just person centred for the service user but for the staff too."

"The Registered manager is completely supportive about any situation whenever there's a problem you can go to them. They are amazing really."

"I would say that Access All Care are some of the most caring people centred managers and bosses I've ever worked for. I would say in some way they're visionaries and they have an idea of the world of the inclusivity."