mother and son

Poem written by a parent as thank you

Poem written by a parent as thank you for the support shown by management when their child was in hospital.

To our three little Angels we can't thank enough

Who carried us through times incredibly tough

Who helped us immensely beyond any words

We screamed out for help and our three Angels heard

Protected, supported and under their wing

We'd sink on our own yet with them we could swim

They made us priority, putting us first

They made things the best when they should have been worst

They have no idea of the difference they make

This type of support you just can't even fake

Beyond any duty is where they'd extend

Sincerity led them beginning to end

For those in the world without many around

Our needs won't be met unless good help is found

In our case we're blessed as we've Angels to call

We pick up our phone and we dial Access All

Thank you xxx


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