Staff Development and Training

At Access All we believe that staff support and development is essential in providing a high-quality service to all. We work tirelessly to provide a person-centred service to our individuals and families and this is the same for our staff. We provide a responsive service to staff as well as clients, responding to requests and providing on the ground support as and when this is needed. We ensure that our staff are trained to meet the individual needs of our clients. 

Bespoke training courses are delivered in the following specialist areas- Sighted Guide, Suctioning, Epilepsy, Gastronomy Feeding, and various specialist Manual Handling and Therapeutic Training techniques.

We are always looking for new people to join our team. We undertake value-based recruitment and we are happy to train and support staff who are newer in this field, as long as at their ethos and values are much the same as ours! We are looking for, people who are enthusiastic passionate and dedicated to promoting the lives and independence of disabled people and their families.

We are committed to the development of the Health and Social Care Sector and work with Skills for Care as ICare ambassadors to promote careers and development within our sector. We have strong links with local secondary schools whom we work with to recruit staff. For our younger staff a specialist induction programme of support is put in place ensure a positive transition into the working world.

All staff have to complete an application form, attend an interview and if successful, undertake a DBS check and two references. Once this process is complete we have an induction programme which includes completing the Care Certificate. Throughout your time at Access All training, supervision and appraisals will be given on a regular basis and is paid for.

We fully support staff that want to progress in this field. The more you demonstrate to learning the more we will do to support your development. Opportunities are given to achieve NVQS at different levels and in various qualifications, for example Health and Social Care and Learning Disabilities Studies. Mentoring programmes are in place to develop new staff, and also for those who aspiring to develop into management.  

For anyone who would like to join our “Outstanding’ team please contact- call 0208 477 1676 for further information.